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Assistant Vice President, Claims Manager

15 Apr 2016

Open communication is key, by listening to each other, sharing success stories, opinions and ideas, we have created a culture that resists bureaucracy at every turn.

How did I get here?
I was fortunate enough to join Validus in its early stages as a reinsurance ‘start-up’ in Bermuda. It has been inspiring to watch the company grow from a then-small company with a handful of employees to a now-global provider of insurance and reinsurance. Celebrating the company’s milestones has been extra special having witnessed its growth first hand.

What am I doing now?
With an undergraduate degree in Political Science from University of Toronto, I recently opted to pursue my Law Degree in order to realize one of my personal goals. Validus’ increasing legal and regulatory obligations as a growing company permitted me to transition from the underwriting department to the compliance team. I am currently a Compliance Specialist with oversight of various legal and regulatory matters as I work towards completing the requirements for admission to the Bermuda Bar.

What is a typical day like?
A large part of my work involves keeping abreast of legal and regulatory developments and ensuring that the business responds appropriately in order to maintain compliance. This can involve reviewing current policies and procedures or developing new ones if necessary. A significant amount of my work is also project-driven, reflecting the dynamic nature of the company. This may require research and liaising with individuals throughout the company to identify the impact of proposed changes on their business areas. Juggling important projects while providing support to the reinsurance team can be challenging, however it means that no two days are ever really the same!