Test Environment

The Validus View of Risk and its application through leading-edge analytics and technology is central to our business.

We are dedicated to understanding and questioning established measures of risk, along with continuing to innovate with respect to analytical method, process and interpretation.

We commit significant effort to establishing the Validus View of Risk. While we leverage third-party models, we investigate and often adjust those models as part of our adoption process.  Significant investment in internal model development extends and enhances our view.

The Validus View of Risk provides an agility to our management of risk, allowing us to apply new theoretical and practical insights in an expedited way. While our risk view is global and constantly evolving, recent studies have impacted:

  • US Hurricane
  • US Earthquake
  • US Terrorism
  • US Flood
  • European Windstorm
  • Japan Earthquake
  • Latin America Earthquake
  • Simulation and sampling methodology
  • Correlation assumptions
  • Computational efficiency