Test Environment

We have a variety of talent programs which differ from country to country.

In Bermuda, the Summer Student Program provides hands-on experience within a variety of departments across the business. Additionally, there is a weekly Seminar Series hosted by Validus Executives, community service and various other individual and team based activities, allowing students to gain insight on important issues within the insurance industry and to continue to build their professional network.

In Canada, the Co-Op Program provides opportunities for university students who are studying computer science, mathematics, statistics or other industry related majors. This program allows students to tailor their learning based on their technical interests and gain valuable experience in key department such as CAT Modeling and Research.

In London, there are graduate and apprenticeship programs available within Talbot Underwriting. These focus on developing entry level talent within the London Market.

At a more senior level our Global Talent Programs aim to identify and develop our future leaders and executives.

Find out more by contacting HR at hr@validusre.bm